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These help pages will assist you with understanding the structure of CanWIN's Data Catalogue and navigating the site. Browse key topics from the menu on the left, each topic will provide you with specific content related to the topic.

Visit our CanWIN Help Guides, to find more information about CanWIN's DataHub ecosystem (the Data Catalogue, ERDDAP, Geonode), hosted by Read the Docs. In our guides we offer simple best practices to apply to your research data. CanWIN also teaches data management best practices, through our public workshops, held at the University of Manitoba Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth, and Resources, as well as one-page primers on the same topics for openly sharing your data. Additionally, we offer practical coding tools to access data through CanWIN's DataHub API endpoints with online code available to curate you data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions you may have regarding CanWIN and our services.

1. I have data I would like to upload, how can I submit my data and metadata to CanWIN?

If you would like to submit data to CanWIN's Data Catalogue, you can fill out our online metadata forms found on the Submitting Data Help page. Your data can be sent to us via email, or we can discuss the best way to access your data if email is not possible. We would also be happy to chat with you about what curation steps we recommend, and what are best practices for open-data sharing, before uploading your data.

2. I have been given permissions to manage my pages on CanWIN, how do I go about uploading data?

You can find information on uploading and managing your dataset on the Publishing Data Help pages. 

3. How do I request a DOI for my data?

If your dataset or project is already on CanWIN and you would like a DOI, simply email a data curator and one will be requested for you. If your data is not yet submitted to CanWIN, a data curator can help you with this process (see Question 1), and a DOI will be requested after the data is published.

4. How do I find and download a dataset?

Searching the Data Catalogue is a simple guide to finding data, and Downloading Data from CanWIN Pages will show you how to easily download both data and metadata.

5. What are licenses and which one should I use?

CanWIN provides users with various license options when uploading content to the Data Catalogue. Each license indicates what the user can and cannot do with the content they are downloading from your pages. Explore more on our Choosing a License page and learn how you can add to our Terms of Access statement to ensure your content is appropriately treated or acknowledged.