Implementation Partners

Our digital ecosystem was redesigned with support from LinkDigital and 52°North. Public details of our implementations and customizations developed for our site can be found at our public gitlab repository.

CanWIN Main site

The CanWIN data catalogue and main pages were redesigned by LinkDigital using CKAN as the data and metadata repository and wrapped with Drupal as a content management system (CMS). 

About LinkDigital

LinkDigital is co-steward of the CKAN project and provides expertise in Open Data Portals, Data Workflow Development, and Dynamic Visualisation Systems. They develop and support bespoke data catalogues that meet their client's technical, governance and communications priorities surrounding data management and data sharing.

Championing the benefits of open data across public sector efficiency, economic growth in the private sector, and supporting wider social welfare, Link Digital is a prominent member of the open knowledge and open source technology communities. This deep insight affords them the ability to predictively design, plan, and prototype new features and services, guaranteeing top-level support and on-time solutions to a niche market.

CanWIN GeoPortal

CanWIN GeoPortal was developed using the Geonode open source platform. It was implemented and customized by 52°North. Customizations include integration of a SensorThings API and interactive mapping dashboard into Geonode. The public gitlab repository is located here.

About 52°North Spatial Information Research GmbH

52°North is devoted to spatial information research. As a non-profit company, we support open science through open data and open source software. Our major interest is developing spatial research data infrastructures to foster the derivation of information from data.

Turning data into information is the key to making informed decisions. Through Spatial Information Research, 52°North develops methods, technologies and solutions to support the information generation, and hence the decision process. We are spatial data enthusiasts!

Our team of Research Software Engineers and Data Scientists knows how to integrate data provided from a range of sources — from in situ to satellite — and we contribute to a variety of application domains. We conduct applied research in the field of spatial data and we also support open science with powerful Geo-IT solutions from data harmonization and processing to visualization.