Downloading Data from CanWIN Pages

Data in the Data Catalogue can be downloaded on any page as either a data package or a single resource (single data file). Downloading data as a data package creates a Fair Digital Object (FDO), making your data transferrable and reproducibile.

Data Package

Users can download data as a package on a data or project page by:

  • Clicking on the Download package button (red arrow in image below).

A zipped folder will be downloaded which will include resources (files) from the following categories:

  • Data
  • Scripts
  • Documents
  • Supplemental
  • Data dictionary
  • Metadata (PDF)

The package does not include Raw Data. To view definitions for the various resource categories and types, visit the About Data page.

Single resource

Users are also able to download individual files or resources by:

  • clicking on the Explore button and selecting the Download option. 

Downloading metadata

On a project or dataset page, the metadata can be downloaded by:

  • clicking the Export metadata button on the Dataset View page.


    You can also view the metadata under the ‘Metadata’ heading at the bottom of the page (shown below). 


     Metadata that is downloaded will be in various forms, and are meant for two purposes.

    Purpose Format
    Human readable PDF, HTML, and JSON-LD
    Machine readable JSON, RDF, and XML


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