Publishing Data

CanWIN can assist you personally in submitting your data to be published. We do request that when meeting with our Data Team, you have the following questions answered to better inform our Data Curators of how to appropriately treat the content you want to publish.

1. Can you openly share your data?

2. Do you need a DOI?

3. Does your dataset need curation?

If you have already addressed these questions and have an account in CanWIN's DataHub, here are additional pages to assist you with publishing your content.

  • Want to upload data to the Data Catalogue? You will need to first create an account. This page shows you the steps to Creating an Account, by either registering a new account with CanWIN or logging in using your email.
  • If you need help for Uploading Data, this page provides you with the steps to upload your data to the Data Catalogue, once you have created a dataset page.
  • If you already have data on the Data Catalogue and need help Updating an Existing Dataset, this page shows you how to update a dataset that you created or are managing.