Canadian Watershed Information Network

Mobilizing Science for Evidence Based Decision Making

The Canadian Watershed Information Network (CanWIN) is a Canadian spatial data infrastructure (SDI) system hosted at the University of Manitoba and managed by the Centre for Earth Observation Science within the Faculty of Environment, Earth and Resources. We support research and education, and inform management, policy and evidence based decision making within the Nelson River Watershed and into the Arctic via Hudson Bay. By creating an interoperable infrastructure, CanWIN facilitates the discoverability and accessibility of water and climate related data across the freshwater-marine spectrum.

We enable scientists to ask new research questions by giving them the ability to analyze complex, multi-themed watershed issues across broad spatial and temporal extents.

CanWIN's core principles focus on unified access to data and metadata. By supporting a decentralized system for data management, CanWIN acts as a gateway for data creators and publishers in sharing and accessing data regardless of its physical location.

Image of house shape with title CanWIN. Inside the shape are three smaller house shapes. The shape on the left lists CanWIN services. The shape in the middle list CanWIN's core system. The shape on the right list CanWIN's principles.
The three pillars of CanWIN.



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To lower the latency for real-time decision making and support evidence based management, policy and decision-making in the Hudson Bay Drainage Basin.


  • Remove data silos. View different types of data by searching spatially or by theme
  • Quickly communicate key research findings
  • Increase visibility and transparency of your research
  • Contribute to informed management of the Lake Winnipeg, Nelson River and Hudson Bay Watersheds
  • Increased collaboration opportunities