Spring, Summer, and Fall 2018 whole-lake research cruises.

Start and end dates of each survey:

  • Spring: June 12th to July 19th
  • Summer: July 13th to August 16th
  • Fall: September 24th to October 22nd

The M/V NAMAO was in drydock during the spring. Consequently, the M/V FYLGJA and workboat were used for the initial part of the Spring cruise.

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    • Automatic Voluntary Observing Ship System Instrument Details

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    Field Value
    Campaign Start Date 2018-06-12
    Campaign End Date 2018-10-22
    Location Lake Winnipeg
    Research Area Lake Winnipeg
    Field Value
    Chief Scientist Scott, Karen
    Email kjs@lakewinnipegresearch.org
    Affiliation Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium