Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium Inc.

The Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium (LWRC) Inc. is a registered charity, founded in 1998 to facilitate scientific research on Lake Winnipeg following evidence of water quality deterioration related to the 1997 Red River “Flood of the Century”. The LWRC owns and operates two research vessels, Motor Vessel (M/V) NAMAO and M/V FYLGJA. The M/V NAMAO is used for whole lake, multi-season research and monitoring, while the smaller M/V FYLGJA is deployed for special projects in the south basin and narrows. These vessels are also used for field-based, experiential learning opportunities offered to schools (Grades 6 to 12) and universities. The LWRC was incorporated in Manitoba in 2001 and received charitable status in 2008.


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For Lake Winnipeg data collected by researchers on board the Motor Vessels NAMAO / FYLGJA or with the assistance of the LWRC’s Science Program:

[Some of] The data presented herein were collected on board the M/V Namao (or Fylgja) with logistical and field assistance provided by the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium’s Science Program.

Personal thanks can be made at the discretion of the author to acknowledge support provided by individuals representing the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium, including program managers/coordinators, technicians, and crew of the M/V NAMAO.

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