Using the CKAN API

CKAN’s API allows users to write code that interacts with CKAN sites and their data. The DataStore extension expands the capabilities of the API by allowing for manipulation of data resources (tables) in the DataStore. 


In a nutshell:

CKAN API: Used for accessing CKAN's core features such as listing datasets, resources, and retrieving metadata.

DataStore API: Used for accessing and manipulating structured data, such as data stored in CSV files.


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Introduction to the APIs

Overview of the CKAN and DataStore APIs.

Steps to call the API

A breakdown of the steps to call the CKAN and DataStore APIs. 

API access - Command Line

 Making API requests to both the CKAN and DataStore APIs using command line tools (cURL, HTTPie).

API access - Python

Retrieving data from the DataStore API using Python.

API access - R

Retrieving data from the DataStore API using R.















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