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On April 18, 2022 at 10:31:34 AM CDT, Gravatar kelsey-friesenumanitoba-ca:
  • Changed value of field methodDescrioption to The profiling protocol is to submerge the Seabird at 3m (to ensure the top of the plumbing is submerged) and hold for 400 scan counts. The Seabird is then brought up to approximately 1m or to the minimum depth where the Y-tubing is not exposed at the water surface. It is to be held there for 100 scan counts, and then profiled at 10% speed through the water column. Once the Seabird has completed its profile, it is to be raised from the bottom for 20 scan counts. Recording can now be stopped and the Seabird brought back up to the surface. in LWRC 2012 Seabird Rosette DATA