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Weather Keeper Program

The Weather Keeper Program is a collaboration between the Manitoba Métis Federation...

Map Story

L'Prâgramme dju Gardjiein d'la Mitiô

L'Prâgramme dju Gardjiein d'la Mitiô li ein partnariâ ant la Fidirassion di Métis dju Manitoba...

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Programme de surveillance des conditions météorologiques

Le programme de surveillance des conditions météologiques est une collaboration entre la Manitoba Métis Federation...

Churchill Beluga Whale Graphic Novel

We hope that our comic-book video illustrates the research process, with its ups and downs, and also shows how people with different backgrounds work together on a project. If it motivates people to find out more about our work (and read the dry, academic version of it), that's all we can ask for!

Lake Winnipeg Foundation SHIM StoryMap

The Shoreline Habitat Inventory Monitoring (SHIM) storymap highlights the findings from the LWF's project to create a baseline inventory of the south shoreline of Lake Winnipeg.

James Bay Expedition 2022

Follow along to find out what is being researched, how, and where.

Created by the University of Manitoba, Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS) team (November 25, 2022).