The following documents are provided to assist data users in understanding how AVOS 10-minute rate data was processed and/or created by CanWIN data curators. Details may include descriptions of the variables used and any quality checks/controls or standardization applied.

  1. Script: code used to process the data.
  2. Cookbook: a document describing the general steps used to process the data and a description of the dataset variables.
  3. Codebook: a document containing detailed instructions about any scripts used to process the data as well as step by step instructions describing the different levels of data processing that were applied

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    Field Value
    Title AVOS M/V NAMAO Data Processing
    Publication general type QA/QC Report
    Project Name Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium Science Program
    Keywords Air temperature, Geospatial data, METEOROLOGICAL STATIONS, Meteorological, Water temperature, Wind direction, Wind speed
    Keyword Vocabulary Polar Data Catalogue
    Keyword Vocabulary URL
    Theme Atmosphere
    Version 1.0
    Publisher Centre for Earth Observation Science
    Date Published 2022
    Language English
    Preferred citation
    Field Value
    Authors 1
    Author Name
    Canadian Watershed Information Network
    Type of Name
    Centre for Earth Observation Science - University of Manitoba
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    License Name Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
    Licence Type Open
    Licence Schema Name SPDX
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