Survey 2 took place from July , 2017. Lakes Manitoba, Winnipegosis and Waterhen were sampled and underwater moorings deployed on Lakes Manitoba and Watern. Multiple rivers around the sample area were also sampled for surface water. Samples were taken at all sites for nutrients, biogeochemistry, physical variables (light), zooplankton and algae for taxonomy. At deeper stations bottom samples were also taken. Water samples were filtered either at Lake Waterhen cabin or at CEOS and sent to the Freshwater Institute for analysis.

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Field Value
Campaign Start Date 2017-08-04
Campaign End Date 2017-08-12
Location Lake Manitoba, Lake Winnipegosis, Lake Waterhen, Fairford River, Overflowing River
Research Area Manitoba Great Lakes
Field Value
Chief Scientist Barber, David
Affiliation Centre for Earth Observation Science - University of Manitoba