Awards and Resources

Awards Metadata Section

CanWIN offers various funding identifiers (IDs) for users to utilize when uploading a project, publication, data, or platform page to the Data Catalogue. In the table below are the options available to you with links to provide you more information.

Funder Identifier Code Search Funder Database
Research Organization Registry ROR
Funder Registry Crossref Funder ID
Global Research Identifier Database GRID
International Standard Name Identifier ISNI

Related Resources Metadata Section

Research outputs (resources) that are hosted external to the Data Catalogue can be associated through the related resource section in a metadata template. You can further identify the type of relationship the content your uploading to a Data Catalogue page has to the external resource, or relate resource. The table below expands on the relationship associated with the page to the related resource hosted external to CanWIN's Data Catalogue.

Relationship To This Dataset Relationship of Page to Related Resource
Cites Page cites Resource
Compiles Page compiles Resource
Continues Page continues Resource
Describes Page describes Resource
Documents Page documents Resource
HasMetadata Resource is metadata for Page
HasPart Page is part of Resource*
HasVersion Page has version Resource
IsCitedBy Page is cited by Resource
IsCompiledBy Page is compiled by Resource
IsContinuedBy Page is continued by Resource
IsDerivedBy Page is derived from Resource
IsDescribedBy Page is described by Resource
IsDocumentedBy Page is documented by Resource
IsIdenticalTo Page is identical to Resource
IsMetadataFor Page is metadata for Resource
IsNewVersionOf Page is new version of Resource
IsObsoletedBy Page is obsoleted by Resource
IsOriginalFormOf Page is original form of Resource
IsPartOf Resource has part of Page*
IsPreviousVersionOf Page is previous version of Resource
IsPublishedIn Page is published in Resource
IsReferencedBy Page is referenced by Resource
IsRequiredBy Page is required by Resource
IsReviewedBy Page is reviewed by Resource
IsSourceOf Page is source of Resource
IsSupplementBy Reference for Page Citation for Resource
IsSupplementTo Citation for Page Reference for Resource
IsVariantFromOf Page is variant form of Resource
IsVersionOf Resource is a version of Page
Obsoletes Resource is obseleted by Page
References Reference for Page Citation for Resource
Requires Page requires Resource
Reviews Page reviews Resource

*Used when dataset page is in a collection.

For further information review DataCites support document on relationship types for publications and datasets.