About Keywords and Themes


Keywords are used in describing your publication, dataset, or content you make available on the CanWIN DataHub. Using keywords allows your information to be searched on the CanWIN DataHub as well as through any search engine on the internet. CanWIN suggests you select between 5 - 8 keywords for optimal terms used for searching your pages.

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Every dataset in CanWIN is associated with a theme. This makes it possible to quickly find data for a particular topic of interest. Data can be associated with more than one theme.

CanWIN Theme Definition ISO Category
Atmosphere Processes and phenomena of the atmosphere – or ‘weather and climate’. Examples of data you can find here include weather, atmospheric conditions, climate change info. In CEOS, research themes include Atmospheric science and meteorology Climatogoly, Meterology, Atmosphere
Cryosphere The cryosphere encompasses all the parts of the Earth system where water is in solid form, including ice sheets, ice shelves, glaciers, snow cover, permafrost (frozen ground), sea ice, and river and lake ice. The cryosphere exerts an important influence on Earth’s climate. Image and description from https://climate.copernicus.eu. In CEOS, research themes include biogeochemistry, glaciology, Ice-associated biology, sea ice geophysics and trace metals and contaminants  
Freshwater Inland water features, drainage systems and their characteristics. Examples of data you can find here include river and lake data, water quality data. In CEOS, research themes include biogeochemistry, Inland lakes and waters, modelling, remote sensing and technology, trace metals and contaminants Inland Waters
Marine Features and characteristics of salt water bodies. In CEOS, research themes include biogeochemistry, modelling, marine mammals, oil spill response, physical oceanography, remote sensing and technology and trace metals and contaminants Oceans
Remote Sensing Remote sensing is the process of detecting and monitoring the physical characteristics of an area by measuring its reflected and emitted radiation at a distance (typically from satellite or aircraft)  

Themes are assigned according to the research areas CEOS works in, and are loosely related to ISO19115 topic categories.