East Side data gathered from Berens River at Lake Winnipeg, Blood vein River at Lake Winnipeg, Manigotagan River at Hwy 304, Lake Winnipeg Outlet, Pigeon River at Lake Winnipeg and Poplar RIver at Lake Winnipeg.

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Dataset Name Environment Canada - Water Quality Monitoring Stations - East Side Rivers and Lake Outlet Water Quality
Dataset General Type Environment Canada
Dataset Type Dataset
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Program Website
Keyword Vocabulary Polar Data Catalogue
Keyword Vocabulary URL https://www.polardata.ca/pdcinput/public/keywordlibrary
Theme Freshwater
Dataset Status Complete
Maintenance and Update Frequency Not planned
Dataset Last Revision Date 2011-11-28
Dataset DOI 10.5203/nehc-8t40
Metadata Creation Date 2022
Publisher CanWIN
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Dataset Collection Start Date 2010-03-29
Dataset Collection End Date 2011-03-29
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License Name Open Government Licence 2.0 – Canada
Licence Type Open
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Licence URL https://spdx.org/licenses
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Parker, Brian
Type of Name
Environment and Climate Change Canada
Contributors 1
Project Data Curator Environment Canada
Project Data Curator email ec.enviroinfo.ec@canada.ca
Project Data Curator Affiliation Environment and Climate Change Canada
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