Submitting Data and Metadata

Submitting Data

You can submit data to a curator via email, or, you can do so in the dataset metadata form described below. You can also provide a link to the data hosted on a cloud service. 

Submitting Metadata

Before data can be added to the Data Catalogue, you will need to fill out one or more metadata template forms, depending on the kind of data that you wish to submit. For example, to submit a dataset to the catalogue, you would need to fill out a dataset form. If you want to associate that dataset with a project, you would need to complete both dataset and project forms. 

Review the Category Types in the table below to determine which metadata templates you will need for your data. For help with some commonly misunderstood fields in these forms, see the Help for metadata forms page. 

CanWIN Template Categories

Category Definition Online Template Download Fillable Word Template
Dataset Can comprise a single data file or multiple data files in a variety of formats. Dataset Template Dataset Template
Project A program occurs over 1 or more years and may or may not be made up of multiple, smaller programs that inform the main "program" goal. Example: BaySys. Project Template  Project Template
Sub-project Smaller projects that form part of a larger program. Use project template. Use project template.
Platform A container or structure from which instrumentation is deployed. Example:  mooring or meteorological station. Campaign, Platform, Deployment and Instrument Templates Platform Template
Campaign Occurs over a specific time period over which data is collected, either from a base camp or a facility. Campaign, Platform, Deployment and Instrument Templates Campaign Template
Deployment The act of placing a platform or instrument in an area for a period of time longer than 1 day. Deployments of shorter than 1 day are not recorded via these templates due to logistical constraints. Campaign, Platform, Deployment and Instrument Templates Deployment Template
Instrument Any device used for making measurements, alone or in conjunction with one or more supplementary devices - as defined by the Joint Committee for Guides in Meteorology (JCGM). Campaign, Platform, Deployment and Instrument Templates Instrument Template
Publication Any type of document, including grey literature, unpublished reports, field notes, preprints, etc. Publication Template  Publication Template
Facility A site or organization from which multiple research activities are conducted. They may include companies, governmental or other organizations, or infrastructure such as a building, vessel or lab. Example, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), R/V William Kennedy, or Churchill Marine Observatory. Not publicly available, contact Data Team. Not publicly available, contact Data Team.


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