About Data

The core of CanWIN's Data Catalogue are datasets. Datasets can be associated with projects, platforms, campaigns, instruments and publications. Data can come as a single file, such as a CSV file, or as a combination of files (i.e. zipped folder), as shown in the following image. These file(s) that make up a dataset are called data resources.

Data resources


Data formats

Data can come in a variety of formats, but are typically in the form of a spreadsheet (.csv or .xlsx), script, image, document. These formats are categorized on a page to organize your data products, as shown in the image below. A description of each resource category is given in the table below.

Data categories


Data and Resource Category Description
Data Processed data
Raw data Data that has not been manipulated or processed.
Scripts Any code associated with the data processing or modeling.
Documents Any documentation related to the data or publications generating from the data.
Supplemental Any information about the data, related internal documentation that is useful for data users.
Web Services Any digital web content that is openly available on the internet that is associated with the data.

Research datasets have a value of their own, regardless of whether they are associated with published peer-reviewed literature. This means the datasets can have their own authors, permanent identifiers (PID), and a description. Even if your data is not ready to share, you can share the metadata with others so they know about your work.

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