About Metadata

CanWIN follows the ESIP Science on Schema.org and DataCite 4.4 Metadata Schema standards. To maximize discoverability of your data, CanWIN works with CCADI to give users the ability to convert (cross-walk) metadata of interest to additional standards (ex. Dublin Core, ISO 19115-3:2003), facilitating interoperability and therefore re-use of your data by other systems. CanWIN data curators can work with you to submit your metadata in as much detail as you need.

What metadata does CanWIN collect?

The metadata collected by CanWIN are representative of the 7 key sections listed in the table below.

Metadata Sections Description
Time & Location The when and where of the data
Provenance Information about how the data were collected and analyzed
Constraints How you can use and share the data
Credits Who collected the data
Supplemental Resources Any other resources related to the data that may exist in another location
Publications Any documents produced about the data


How does CanWIN collect metadata?

CanWIN provides users with seven different metadata templates designed to enable sharing of information based on the following categories in the table below. Not all templates will contain all the metadata sections mentioned above. The Dataset template requires the most detailed metadata.

Category Definition
Dataset Comprises a single research-produced data file or resource, or multiple data files in a variety of formats.
Platform A container or structure from which instrumentation is deployed. Example:  mooring or meteorological station.
Project A program occurs over 1 or more years and may or may not be made up of multiple, smaller programs that inform the main "program" goal. Example: BaySys.
Campaign Occurs over a specific time period over which data is collected, either from a base camp or a facility.
Deployment The act of placing a platform or instrument in an area for a period of time longer than 1 day. Deployments of shorter than 1 day are not recorded via these templates due to logistical constraints.
Instrument Any device used for making measurements, alone or in conjunction with one or more supplementary devices - as defined by the Joint Committee for Guides in Meteorology (JCGM).
Publication Any type of document, including grey literature, unpublished reports, field notes, preprints, etc.


Templates can be used to share information about your research, even if your data cannot be openly shared. For more information on how to submit metadata and data using these online templates (forms) see the Submitting Data and Metadata Help page.



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