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      Project: Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium Science Program Themes: Atmosphere Type: Dataset

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      • AVOS M/V NAMAO Dataset

        Themes: Atmosphere, Freshwater

        Automated Voluntary Observing Ship (AVOS) program meteorological data recorded aboard the M/V NAMAO. January 1st, 2010 to present. Hourly, processed data includes coordinates,... Read more
      • Lake Winnipeg Buoy Data Dataset

        Themes: Atmosphere, Marine

        Canadian meteorological buoy data are collected by Environment and Climate Change Canada. This subset consisting of Lake Winnipeg meteorological buoy data is extracted from... Read more
      • LWRC Field Logs Dataset

        Themes: Atmosphere, Freshwater

        Station and meteorological data recorded during the spring, summer, and fall surveys aboard the M/V NAMAO. Includes date, station ID, coordinates, time on/off station, depth,... Read more
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