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On April 6, 2022 at 12:27:17 PM CDT, claire Claire Herbert:
  • Changed value of field deployment_date to [{'activity': 'Retrieved to download data then re-deployed,Deployed ecotriplet 1442,deployed CT 1589,Time in 1608h', 'deploymentEndDate': '2017-08-04', 'deploymentStartDate': '2017-05-20'}, {'activity': 'Retrieved, downloaded data (took 30 min), lots of algae, slime, macrophytes on all lines and gear, sensors clean. Mooring pulled at 1919h. Jetboar used to retrieve and re-deploy', 'deploymentEndDate': '', 'deploymentStartDate': '2017-08-04'}] in Lake Waterhen Mooring 2017 Deployment