Searching the DataCatalogue


There are different ways to find data in CanWIN. You can search for:

  1. all research outputs by moving your clicker over Data in the top menu bar and selecting Data Catalogue from the drop-down menu
  2. all facilities by moving your clicker over Data in the top menu bar and selecting Facilities from the drop-down menu
  3. all projects by moving your clicker over Data in the top menu bar and selecting Projects from the drop-down menu
  4. all themes by moving your clicker over Data in the top menu bar and selecting Themes from the drop-down menu

Search options under Data in the main menu bar.

      5. all research outputs using available keywords in the spatial search box

      6. all research outputs by typing text in the advanced search box

Advanced search box.

When you use the advanced search box, any research output containing your search text will be displayed on the Search Results page. You can use the options on this page to:

  • change the order of results
  • select a research output to view its page for further information
  • refine your search by using the search filters to show specific research outputs

Search results from advanced search box entry, showing different options for refining search results.

To find out more about a dataset

On the results page, if you have not used any filters your search results will show all categories relevent to your search term (i.e. projects, collections, publications, instrument details, deployment details, datasets or campaigns) along with a brief summary and applicable data formats (for type dataset). For more information about a dataset, click its title (shown in picture above). Clicking on a dataset will bring you to its page, which will provide you with further information as well as downloadable resources.

Dataset page of first result options when searching "ice" in advanced search box.

Refining your criteria - Using the advanced search bar

On the results page, the advanced search results will suggest matching research outputs which you can then apply category filters (e.g. collection, theme, project, platform, keywords) to help you narrow down your search (highlighted above).

Click on Data under the Type filter category to view only datasets relating to your advanced search text (shown below). You can apply as many filters as provided on the left-hand side of the results page. Caution, the more filters you apply fewer search results will show on the page as well as a reduced number of filter options available. This may produce fewer research outputs to select from and could possibly exclude outputs that may be available on our site due to a difference in categorization. If you are looking for something specific, this tool will likely assist you with your search; however, if you would like a broad search use as few as two or three filters to ensure you are viewing as many research outputs on our site as possible.

Filtered results for "ice" advanced search results.